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IOT security made easy with Azure IOT Suite

There has been quite a lot of talk about security concerns as it relates to IOT devices and security. Businesses want to make sure that they are not opening themselves up to a ton of risk as they expand their data streams and to increase productivity. Thankfully Azure IOT suite makes securely connecting your IOT devices to the cloud quick and easy.

Before we get too far, its important to explain exactly what IOT security means:

IOT Security In its simplest form, IOT security is broken down into zones and trust boundaries. Typically the zones are defined as follows:
Devices – IOT devices that capture and send dataField Gateway – Devices that can aggregate data to and from devicesCloud Gateways – Endpoint that receives / sends data and commands to Field Gateways or directly do devicesServices – The services that “do work” on the data that is received from the IOT devices (via the gateways) Trust boundaries are where data moves between zones. During this movement across boundaries the dat…