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MSDEPLOYAGENTSERVICE 401 unauthorized–Resolution

We recently migrated a production environment for a client to new Servers. I had previously been using MSDeploy to deploy the websites/services to the servers so I figured all I had to do was install MSDeploy, point Update my deploy scripts to point to the new servers, and deploy! I was using MSDeploy 2 on the previous servers so I figured it would work on the new ones. Unfortunately it didn’t turn out to be that easy.
When I ran the updated scripts I got the following error:
Fatal: Request to remote agent URL 'http://myserver/MSDEPLOYAGENTSERVICE' failed.
Fatal: The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized. Fatal count: 1
I was using an admin account and I could hit that URL above in a browser so I knew it wasn’t an authorization issue.
Here are the things I tried that DIDN’T work:
Uninstall/Reinstall MSDeploy 2Install MSDeploy 3Create the fake user group on the server per these instructions:…

Keep a website alive – PowerShell style

Recently, We had a website that didn’t have frequent visitors, but when the visitors did come, the website would take a long time to load up the first time. This is expected behavior because IIS shuts down its worker threads. 1 approach would be to set the IdleTimeout to 0 which means the threads are never aborted (details here: Instead of that though I decided to try my hand at PowerShell and came up with the following script: 1: # List of URLS to Ping 2: $urls = @("Http://", "") 3: 4: #Ping all URLs in the list 5: foreach ($objItem in $urls) { 6: $req=[system.Net.HttpWebRequest]::Create($objItem); 7: $res = $req.getresponse(); 8: $stat = $res.statuscode; 9: $res.Close(); 10: 11: #Pump it out to a text file 12: $res | Out-File pingresults.txt -append 13: }

After that I set up a simple scheduled task to execute thi…