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Checking Server to DB connectivity easily

We’ve all been there before. We set up our new web or application server with the latest code, update the connection strings with the proper SQL Server instance and password and fire up the application only to see all sorts of SQL connection/login issues.  These issues can be very frustrating to troubleshoot because you are not sure if the Login is incorrect, the db is spelled incorrectly or if there are network issues preventing you from seeing the SQL Server. On windows machines, there is a simple way to validate that the SQL server is accessible from the server.Remote desktop into the server having connection issuesClick on “Start” and search for Folder Options. Click on Folder options, go to the View tab and validate that the “Hide extensions for known file types” is unchecked:Go to the desktop, right click and select New –> Text DocumentRename the file connection.udl and accept the rename warningDouble click on the udl file and it will open the Data Link window.In the Connecti…